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I am unable to continue after the first level. The game crashes when downloading content. How can I fix this?

Prior to the start of level 2, please reset your device to clear memory. To reset your device, please press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo. 

Where can I find The Sleeping Prince?

Visit or search for “The Sleeping Prince” on the App Store via your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

What devices is The Sleeping Prince compatible with?

The Sleeping Prince requires iOS 7 and is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPad 2 or newer
  • iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5th generation or newer
  • iPhone 4s or newer

I keep running out of magic and can’t complete a level. What can I do?

Your magic meter automatically recharges over time, to a maximum of five magic refills. This can be increased to 10 by with the Ring Overcharge upgrade. Magic refills can be purchased, but are only available when your meter is empty. Your friends can also provide magic refills.

The key to managing your magic meter is to not just fling the Prince around recklessly to complete a level. The strategy comes in planning your actions carefully to make the correct move, which will conserve your magic meter.

If one strategy isn’t working – try something else!

Why do I need an Internet connection to play The Sleeping Prince?

Yes, you can play The Sleeping Prince offline but there will be times when an Internet connection is needed. You will require an Internet connection:

  • To download additional levels once you run out of levels to play offline
  • To make purchases from the store
  • To connect to Facebook or Game Center and to send Facebook gifts to friends

Why should I connect my Facebook account to the game?

Connecting your Facebook makes The Sleeping Prince more social! You’ll be able to see your friends’ progress on the world map, as well as their scores on each level so you can compete for the high score. You’ll also be able to send free magic refills to one another.

At some points in the game, your friends will be needed to assist you in progressing to the next stage.

How do I earn a gold medal on a level?

There are three components to earning a gold medal on a level:

  • Time – each level will have a goal time to complete the level within
  • Collecting gems – each level will have a goal amount of gems to collect
  • Collecting stars – each level contains three stars hidden in various areas to collect

How do I earn a platinum medal on a level?

After you earn a gold medal on a level you unlock the ability to earn a platinum medal for that level. To earn the platinum medal, you will have to collect the specified number of Z coins hidden in that level as well as complete the Gold medal goals.

Platinum medals unlock on the map once you have completed Level 15.

What is the Magic Meter?

Magic is used to move the Prince! If you run out, your Magic Meter will automatically replenish by using one Magic Refill. Magic Refills regenerate every 30 minutes for a maximum total of five. You can increase your Magic Refill maximum to 10 by purchasing the Double Magic upgrade in the store.

You can always ask your Facebook friends to help you out by sending a Magic Refill. Magic Refills are also available for purchase when you are running low.

What are Boosts?

There are various Boosts available in The Sleeping Prince, detailed below:

  • Magnetic Field – automatically pulls Gems and other collectables towards the Prince
  • Inferno Shield – automatically slays enemies, activates levers, and opens chests
  • Star Seeker – guides you to the location of all three stars in a level
  • Swift Guide – displays a path to quickly guide you through a level
  • E-Z Time – doubles the time for Z Coin collecting

Boosts are unlocked as you complete levels, so they are not all available as you begin the game. Boosts can be bought with Gems or found in Treasure Chests throughout levels.

What are Power Ups?

There are various Power Ups available in The Sleeping Prince, detailed below:

  • Regal Rush – allows you to summon the King to travel at great speeds and knock down walls
  • Airborne Empress – allows you to summon the Queen to reach new heights
  • Steam Wing – use to navigate over treacherous terrain
  • Slimebane – use to slay slimy foes

How do I earn Gems?

There are numerous ways to earn Gems. The most common are:

  • Collecting them in levels
  • Earning medals
  • Earning your daily reward in Plushkin’s Fortune
  • Connecting to Facebook (one-time reward)

Since The Sleeping Prince has in-app purchases, am I going to have to spend money?

Of course not. The Sleeping Prince is free to play and nothing in the game is required to be bought in order to proceed. Everything in the game can be earned by simply playing.

I have a purchase error to report. What do you need?

In order to provide a faster solution, please include the iTunes receipt in your support ticket along with your User ID from the game.

You can find your User ID in Options > Help and Support from the World Map screen. At the top of the Help menu, you will see a long string of numbers which is your User ID.

All refund requests are handled by Apple support, which can be found here:

I don’t see The Sleeping Prince in my country’s App Store.

Unfortunately there are some App Stores that do not have a “games” category due to local government classification requirements. If you believe it is an App Store error, you can check by searching for “The Sleeping Prince” in iTunes on your PC or Mac.

The Sleeping Prince is currently not available in Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan.

I am having difficulty with the controls. What can I do?

One way to make your Prince-flinging more accurate is to tap and hold the Prince, then slowly drag him to where you want to go. This offers more control than swiping the Prince high-speed into the nearest wall.

It is also possible to affect the Prince’s movement and direction while he is airborne, which may offer greater control in some cases.

I am experiencing an issue that is not in this FAQ. How do I contact support?

Please email detailing your issue and including any relevant screenshots.

You can also contact us via social media: Facebook icon for The Sleeping PrinceFacebook icon for The Sleeping PrinceYouTube icon for The Sleeping Prince