The Sleeping Prince: Royal Edition 2.0 Update and Android Release

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  • December 4, 2014
The Sleeping Prince: Royal Edition available now

In September, we launched The Sleeping Prince on the App Store. Like many free to play games, our ragdoll platformer contained an energy system and IAPs for various boosts in Prince Perilous’ adventure. 

Beginning on today and coinciding with our release on the Amazon Appstore and Google Play, The Sleeping Prince is now completely free through the month of December. No in-app purchases. No energy system. All of the fun.

After this, The Sleeping Prince will be switching to a premium app. Through your feedback, we learned that many of you felt that the monetization was detrimental to the gameplay experience. Flinging the lovable prince through the air into the nearest wall is loads of fun and we wouldn’t want anything to hinder that.

This is not a new app. This is an update to the existing game.

If you didn’t enter the kingdom of Cloudreach before, there’s no better time to save everyone from the curse of Sydney Slime’s sleeping spell. If you did play before, it’s still a good time to experience how the game plays without these restrictions.

We hope you’ll check it out! Looking forward to what you all think.


Download The Sleeping Prince: Royal Edition 2.0 update for free on the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.