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An Update About The Sleeping Prince Royal Edition

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zzZzzZZZzzz – wha? Hey everyone! I’ve got a quick bit of a news for The Sleeping Prince today. Remember back in December when we launched The Royal Edition update on all mobile platforms? We mentioned that we were still transitioning to a premium game, stripped of in-app purchases and energy mechanics thanks to player feedback.

Signal Studios wants to provide the best experience possible with The Sleeping Prince, and we decided this was the way to achieve that.

As of today, that transition is now complete and The Sleeping Prince is available for $1.99 on all major outlets:

App Store:
Google Play:
Amazon Appstore:

The Sleeping Prince: Royal Edition available now

The Sleeping Prince: Royal Edition 2.0 Update and Android Release

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In September, we launched The Sleeping Prince on the App Store. Like many free to play games, our ragdoll platformer contained an energy system and IAPs for various boosts in Prince Perilous’ adventure. 

Beginning on today and coinciding with our release on the Amazon Appstore and Google Play, The Sleeping Prince is now completely free through the month of December. No in-app purchases. No energy system. All of the fun.

After this, The Sleeping Prince will be switching to a premium app. Through your feedback, we learned that many of you felt that the monetization was detrimental to the gameplay experience. Flinging the lovable prince through the air into the nearest wall is loads of fun and we wouldn’t want anything to hinder that.

This is not a new app. This is an update to the existing game.

If you didn’t enter the kingdom of Cloudreach before, there’s no better time to save everyone from the curse of Sydney Slime’s sleeping spell. If you did play before, it’s still a good time to experience how the game plays without these restrictions.

We hope you’ll check it out! Looking forward to what you all think.


Download The Sleeping Prince: Royal Edition 2.0 update for free on the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.

Fall asleep and be a hero

1.8 Update Available Now

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Over the weekend we released a brand new update onto the App Store for The Sleeping Prince, which is focused on addressing your feedback from launch.

There are two big changes we implemented to enhance the gameplay experience. The first is the removal of the content downloader, so now you can download the entire game in one go if you prefer. This means no more having to download additional content in order to proceed in-game.

The second is a tweak to the Magic Meter. Now you can flick and fling the Prince more than before! Additionally we’ve improved stability and fixed a few bugs that resulted in crashing or purchasing errors.

Whether it’s on Facebook, Reddit, Touch Arcade, or iTunes, we’re listening to what you have to say and will do our best to address it. If you enjoy playing The Sleeping Prince, we appreciate if you leave a review on iTunes.

Good luck saving the kingdom, Hero!

The Sleeping Prince is now available on the App Store

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Today is the big day! You can get The Sleeping Prince now on the App Store, where we’ve got a big, fancy banner in the top of iTunes. We know you must be excited to play, so we’ll keep this post brief.

You’ve already met the cast, but we have a narrative trailer to flesh out the backstory of what’s happening in the kingdom of Cloudreach.

One trailer wasn’t enough for us, though. The Sleeping Prince is really special to us, and we wanted to do something big to celebrate release. So we brought Cloudreach to life with the magic of 3D Light Projection mapping on a real castle!

We’re looking forward to everyone finally getting their hands on flinging around our sleeping hero. Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.


Introducing Signal Studios, developers of The Sleeping Prince

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Hey everyone!

Thank you for checking out The Sleeping Prince! As we gear up for our release on iOS, we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you.

We’re Signal Studios, a Seattle-area developer of video games and interactive software applications founded in 2008. Signal’s founders combine years of experience across all disciplines in the games industry, working as leads and developers together at some of the industry’s top studios and publishers. The studio is the developer behind several award-winning games, such as the Toy Soldiers series and Ascend: Hand of Kul. We are currently hard at work developing original IP for consoles, PC, and mobile platforms.


The Sleeping Prince marks our first venture into mobile gaming, and boy, are we ever excited! For our debut, our goal was to craft a truly original and unforgettable experience, something unlike anything out there today. With The Sleeping Prince, we hope to create the beginning of an awesome, new and unique series that mobile gamers around the world will love for years to come.

This blog will be used to provide updates for the community, although you can also keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter. We have a few upcoming blog features that will kick off soon, including character spotlights, art features, and all sorts of other cool stuff about the game.

Thanks again for stopping by! We look forward to introducing you to the magical world of The Sleeping Prince!