1.8 Update Available Now

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  • September 29, 2014
Fall asleep and be a hero

Over the weekend we released a brand new update onto the App Store for The Sleeping Prince, which is focused on addressing your feedback from launch.

There are two big changes we implemented to enhance the gameplay experience. The first is the removal of the content downloader, so now you can download the entire game in one go if you prefer. This means no more having to download additional content in order to proceed in-game.

The second is a tweak to the Magic Meter. Now you can flick and fling the Prince more than before! Additionally we’ve improved stability and fixed a few bugs that resulted in crashing or purchasing errors.

Whether it’s on Facebook, Reddit, Touch Arcade, or iTunes, we’re listening to what you have to say and will do our best to address it. If you enjoy playing The Sleeping Prince, we appreciate if you leave a review on iTunes.

Good luck saving the kingdom, Hero!